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Hog Wild Racing (USA) aiming for the Lisbon - Dakar Rallye 2007 / 2008 with Harley V-rod sidecar


Bartels' Harley-Davidson
Marina Del Rey, California
Engine Building, Technical Support, Parts & More.

Thank you Bill Bartels for 10 years of great support!

Taking on the Dakar Rally is a HUGE effort, and we really appreciate
all the support we are getting.  THANKS!
  Dakar 2006 Supporters & Helpers:
Sidney Dickson
Tom Bridgeford
Charlie Rauseo
(CharlieDakar.com, Adventure Rider)
Kevin Heath
(KevinsMidLifeCrisis.com, Adventure Rider)
Max Millender
(Max - V-RodForums.com)
Brent Dane
(cbdane - V-RodForums.com, V-Gauge)
Scott McDade
Craig Whitney
Bruce Simpson
(Panman - V-RodForums.com)
Jean-Pierre & Saskia Maes
(EML Sidecars)
Jim & Nao Spicher
Mark McDade
(Marks Performance Products)
Michael Garlington
(VRODScout - V-RodForums.com)
Don Harte
(Don Harte - SidecarCross.com)
Tim Lam
(Vrod-Tlam - V-RodForums.com)
Dave Sidoti
Mat Sidoti
Neil Johnsen
(motorhed - V-RodForums.com)
Ken Forman
(KARAF - V-RodForums.com)
Eric Whitney
Mike Burns Jr
(Burns Racing)
Jack Hoy
Chris Johnson
(Chris M. Johnson - SidecarCross.com)
Irl Sanders
(irlsanders - Adventure Rider)
Peter Moltmann
(PPiA - Adventure Rider, Pete2Dakar)
Rowland Rivero
(rjrivero - V-RodForums.com)
Dan Behrens
(handydan - V-RodForums.com)
Ned Suesse
(neduro - Adventure Rider)
Janette Player
(Thorina - SidecarCross.com)
Dale Parsons
Dave Tye
(Dave Tye - SidecarCross.com)
Jon & Max Myers
Ronn Bailey
(Vanguard Racing)
John Innis
Davey B.
John Weatherly
(ketsugo- V-RodForums.com, www.JWsAnimalHouse.com)
Alex Ferreira
Dennis Senne
Dick Jones
(vbones- V-RodForums.com)
Mitch Hanson
Shannon O'Connor
(Britchz - V-RodForums.com)
Don Calcote
(DC950 - Adventure Rider)
Des McDonald
James Stine
Clif Brown
(Adventure Rider)
Carlos Azevedo
(Nomad's Trail Moto Club - Portugal, Adventure Rider)
Rick & Patti Twomey
- Rick's Bike Shop
Jeff Norton
John A. Johnson
Mark Tinklepaugh - Visalli Tools
Dale Vanderhoff
Race Clothing.

Thank you Jim O'Neal for 25 years of racing support!
Baja Designs
Off-Road Accessories - HID Lighting.
Thanks Alan.

Works Performance
Custom Shock Engineering, Quality Work, Quick Delivery.
Thanks Gil & Pierre.

Do you want National and Worldwide TV,  Magazine, and Newspaper exposure?
Our marketing plan is working for us, lets make it work for you too!

See us on TV, in Magazines, and more...


Bartels' Harley-Davidson - California  
Oneal Racing - helping us get from Portugal to Senegal in Dakar 2007  Baja Designs - Providing lighting for night riding in desert off-road sand dunes and all terrain  Works Performance - Great custom shocks for our Harley V-Rod sidehack (zijspan, seitenwagen, gespanne)

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