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Hog Wild Racing (USA) aiming for the Lisbon - Dakar Rallye 2007 / 2008 with Harley V-rod sidecar

Sidecar technical details and specifications

Details based on our "off-road" configuration. Alternate low profile "Pikes Peak" configuration not depicted here.  Many photos show the bike as it existed at various stages of development.  These my be somewhat different from its configuration and looks today.

Based on a motocross racing sidecar.
Overall dry weight of complete bike 800 pounds (360Kg) .
Top Speed 103.2mph (165Km/h) .
Licensed street legal, California.

EML - Delta-Box MX Special (custom design & fab).
Originally built for Suzuki TL1000R.
Upgraded to accept Harley-Davidson V-Rod, 2003.

Early Frame Construction

The V Rod engines
arrive from

2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod (Revolution).
1130cc, V-Twin.
Fuel Injected.
Water Cooled.
5-Speed transmission.
~110 Horsepower, 74 ft-Lb torque.
Stock belt drive is converted to chain drive.
Stock clutch.

Wheels custom fabricated by Keizer Wheels.
Heat treated spun aluminum 6061-T6.
Double sided beadlock on all three wheels.
Front - 15x5", Mickey Thompson Mini Mag E78-15.
Rear - 15x5", 215/75-15 BFG Mud Terrain T/A.
Side - 13x5", Michelin Rally M4.

Hub halves x5 all identical, custom Whitney design, CNC machined 6061-T6, dual-bearings on each side.

Gearing 19T front, 67T rear.
Chain: High strength 520 O-Ring.

Beadlock Wheel Design

Hub Half
Billet Aluminum

Hub Pieces

Changing Tires

Stock V-Rod electronics and fuel injection (Delphi).
Race-modified Turn Signal Module (TSM).
Dyno-tuned fuel mapping.
Scanalizer diagnostics tool.

ECM Programming
with Scott Bartels

Modified TSM

Testing with

Dual HID headlights, approx. 200+ watts each, x2.
Baja Designs)
Front and rear blinkers.
Brake and tail lights.

Baja Designs HID Lighting

Shocks by Works Performance, to our specifications.
Front - Leading link, dual shocks.
Rear - single shock with progressive linkage.
Side - single shock with progressive linkage.

Rear Suspension

Fuel Tanks:
13.5 Gallons total (51L).
Main tank 5051 aluminum, 11.7 gallons, split into two independent tanks, each with it's own fuel pump, shutoff valves, and vents.
Secondary 1.8 gallon tank under drivers seat. 

Water Tanks:
1.5 Gallons total (6L), mounted under main fuel tank, not visible.

Main Fuel Tank Inside

Both Tanks

Font of Fuel Tank
with valves

Main Fuel Tank

Secondary Tank

Fully custom stainless steel 2 into 1.
By Mark's Performance Products, Mark McDade.
Quality work!
Two mufflers.

Mark McDade
fabricating exhaust

Double radiator with 2 fans.
Large oil cooler with fan, mounted on front forks.
Supplies box, 1ft3 (28L), for tools, spare parts, etc.  Also acts as passenger seat.
Motor driven roadbook.
GPS to be installed at race.
Rally (ICO) computers x2.
Steering Damper - Adjustable TechnoFlex, custom length.
Speed sensors on front, rear, and side wheels.

Rear mounted camera with
human damping.
towing service.
Secret remote testing

Under Engine Cover


Bartels' Harley-Davidson - California  
Oneal Racing - helping us get from Portugal to Senegal in Dakar 2007  Baja Designs - Providing lighting for night riding in desert off-road sand dunes and all terrain  Works Performance - Great custom shocks for our Harley V-Rod sidehack (zijspan, seitenwagen, gespanne)

copyright 2003-2008 Scott Whitney, and respective photographers.  All rights reserved.