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Hog Wild Racing (USA) aiming for the Lisbon - Dakar Rallye 2007 / 2008 with Harley V-rod sidecar



About the Dakar Rally:
The Dakar Rally is the biggest and toughest motorsports event in the world. This year the rally starts in Lisbon, Portugal, and travels through Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, with the finish in Dakar, Senegal.  With its popularity, the event enjoys worldwide TV and other media coverage. There are various categories for cars, trucks, motorcycles, quads, and of course sidecars. Just finishing the event is considered a great accomplishment.  It starts in early January, and continues for over 2 weeks, typically covering 6000 miles or more.

Official Dakar Rally web site: www.dakar.com
Dakar Rally 2006 - Route
2006 Route

The 2008 route
is very similar
Why are we racing Dakar:
We are attracted to this great event because of the huge challenge. Our objective is to do what's never been done before; take a Harley through the tortuous Sahara desert in Africa, all the way to the finish of the toughest race on earth.  Beyond the basic "competition" aspects, this race is a huge challenge physically, mentally, mechanically, organizationally, financially, and more.  A successful result in the Dakar Rally would be a crowning achievement in any racers career.

Though the Dakar Rally is difficult for all competitor, it is particularly difficult for sidecar teams.  On average only about one or two sidecars compete in this race each year.  Over the past 30 years, only a couple of sidecars have finished, though none in recent years with the more stringent rules.  This extra difficulty is particularly motivating for us.
Our Dakar 2006 story:

Read our full Dakar 2006 story on our News page HERE.

In brief, we competed in Dakar for our first time in January 2006.  This was primarily a learning experience for us, as the odds for first-timers finishing are below 50%, and worse for sidecar teams.  In the race most things went very well as we were leading in our category, but we had a sprocket problem in Morocco and were not allowed to continue in the race because we had missed a one hour time window while making repairs.  This was quite disappointing since the repairs had put the bike in perfect condition, and we were 100% ready to continue.  But we took our lumps, and set our sights on returning.   We gained a huge amount of knowledge from our first Dakar experience, and feel confident we'll be ready to go the full distance next time.

The huge cost of racing Dakar has forced us to skip Dakar 2007 and 2008, and aim to be there extremely well prepared in January 2009.  We continue to make improvements to the bike, and continue our testing and training.

Team Hog Wild Racing - Americans - Dakar Rallye, in Portugal
Hog Wild Racing Americans - Dakar Rally - Morocco
Bartels' Harley-Davidson - California  

   Oneal Racing - helping us get from Portugal to Senegal in Dakar 2007  Baja Designs - Providing lighting for night riding in desert off-road sand dunes and all terrain  Works Performance - Great custom shocks for our Harley V-Rod sidehack (zijspan, seitenwagen, gespanne)

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